Introducing the Silkari Collection Furniture

The bespoke Silkari Collection Furniture has been handcrafted specifically to complement your Silkwood by Silkari home.

Each beautifully designed and thought-provoking piece has been custom-made to exude elegance and the extraordinary. The Collection offers a bespoke style for your new home – from perfectly sized pieces to chic materials and elegant colours.

The Silkari Collection Furniture is exclusive to Silkwood by Silkari purchasers – the pieces will not be sold commercially. It’s only yours to enjoy.

Selecting your furniture has never been so fun thanks to our interactive website, which allows you to visualize how specific pieces will look in your new home and we make the process easy by arranging all furniture deliveries and installation as a complimentary service. You don’t need to lift a finger.

Explore Silkari® Collection Furniture

Silkari Collection Furniture Benefits

Each piece has been specially design to the perfect scale of each room within Silkwood by Silkari. Every piece fits perfectly, saving you time searching for the right-fit furniture.

Exclusively available to Silkwood by Silkari homeowners only.

Selecting your furniture is easy thanks to our interactive website, enabling you to arrange the layout of the furniture within your specific home.

The Silkari Collection Furniture: expressing style, enabling your life.

Silkari Interior Styling

Imagine a hotel-like home where walls are transformed into unique, plush designer features in. For all new Silkwood by Silkari homebuyers we have introduced wall upgrades boasting Camengo Editur fabric finishes in soft tones, framed by an elegant golden metal trim presented in a panel formation.

A modern yet classic finish transforming a blank canvas into a homely, vogue residence.

Or transform one of your bedrooms into a study with custom-made joinery.

This is another exclusive Silkari Interior Styling offer available only to Silkwood by Silkari purchasers.

Book an appointment to explore the Silkari Difference.

Silkari Concierge App

Exceptional made easy

Imagine never having to organize another plumber or electrician ever again. Having your gardens taken care for you, all your airport transportation sorted. Better yet, only having one point of contact for all your building management and strata needs.

Introducing the Silkari Concierge App, which brings five-star hospitality services into your daily life, giving you more time to do the things you love.

Feel connected with your community like never before. The App will also provide access to social and cultural events in your community.

Saving you time, solving your needs and enriching your day, the Silkari Concierge App seamlessly unites what we all value most: peace of mind and quality of life.

Silkari Concierge. An exceptional way of life, every day.



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